High Vibes Healy
Healy-a wearable FDA cleared microcurrent frequency device for local relief of acute, chronic and arthritis pain & muscle soreness. 

Healy also has individualized frequencies to help balance mind & body & relieve stress.

Offered by Kathaleen May, Sandra Bolognia, Lindsay Babich, Darlene de la Plata, Anita D'Hondt, & Judy Gillum

Healy--raise your frequency daily with this easy to use, high vibe tool that fits in your pocket.  

At home or on the go, it helps balance mind and body and relieve stress! Healy-It really works!
As oilers, we know the importance and power of frequencies. 

Healy assists our body, mind & spirit, along with our oils in obtaining optimum frequency for health.
It's not science fiction…it's science!

We will help you choose the Healy model that is right for you! 
Gold - $506
Holistic - $1,015
Resonance - $1,515
Resonance Plus - $2,528
Professional - $4,041

 0%  Financing Available!


In addition to the new coil, Healy provides full life integration with Healy Watch, Digital Nutrition, bioenergetic regeneration cell enhancement & optimization programs to improve the life of your pets.  

The Healy Professional Edition has all programs and subscriptions that Healy offers.  Each program group contains up to 12 programs!  There is a frequency for everything and everyone!  Please reach out to us and we'll help you find your 
Program groups
Gold Cycle; Bioenergetic Support; Program Pain, Pain locally; Expert Program page; Bioenergetic Harmony 1; Bioenergetic Harmony 2; Mental Balance; Meridians 1; Meridians 2; Chakras; Fitness; Stimulation; Sleep; The Power of Three; Deep Cycle H; Learning; Skin; Bioenergetic Defense; Job; Beauty; 3 HealAdvisor Modules; 3 HealAdvisor Analyze Modules.