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If you are a user of the homeopathic remedies, you know that basically there is NOTHING in the actual remedy! Except for a vibratory signature of something that would likely CAUSE whatever symptoms you are experiencing. Homeopathy literally means “Like Cures Like.” The mechanism is to activate your own immune system to respond. 
I’ve been using Homeopathy for myself and for my immediate family as an amateur practitioner since 1987 when, burdened by my chronic winter bronchitis that put in bed the start of each winter for 2 weeks. The local health food store clerk suggested a Homeopath and, desperate, I made an appointment. The 2-hour interview ended with me getting just 2 doses of a remedy with instructions. The interview is what homeopaths use to determine what YOUR nature and the nature of YOUR experience of dis-ease are versus just looking at symptoms.  I never got bronchitis again. I became a believer in VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE. 
Fast forward (or not so fast), 35 years and I am ever the proponent of Vibrational Healing. I am an armchair science geek and read about quantum physics with the awe of a child. I first found essential oils in 2004 and reveled in their vibrational power. EVERY PLANT HAS A UNIQUE VIBRATION. Then I became a hands-on practitioner of Healing Touch. I learned to facilitate shifts in the energy field of a client using the energy centers my trained hands. 
All of this together is pretty remarkable. And, yet, the concept and application of frequencies in relation to the mind, body and spirit was about to jettison to a new level when I was introduced to Healy. I had used a TENS machine before and also knew that a cat’s purr supported heading of broken bones (it’s the right frequency). I owned had a very expense quantum laser device that gave me spotty results at best. 
I was in excruciating pain with major back and hip issues when I was introduced to Healy in January of 2020. After experiencing relief from my pain in my very first session, I was in love. The power of this mighty, little, portable, wearable, rechargeable, app-communicating device astonished me. I had options from over 200 program in practical category groupings providing the potential for the delivery of over 9 million frequencies. IT GETS BETTER…
Remember the interview determining the unique nature of my dis-ease? Well, the Healy device “listens.”  It has a Quantum Sensor that evaluates whether your body is receptive to frequencies offered within a program. If my says, “Nah, not that today!” the program goes to the next frequency until a personalized set of frequencies are established FOR YOU. 
I use Healy daily without fail. I am addressing aging, skin issues, stress, focus, my body’s uptake and use of nutrients, SLEEP – that’s a big one for me – and now with the Coaching Programs I am working on some family issues that have ancestral roots and I am seeing positive changes. I can also support friends and family who live far away via remote scans that analyze their biofield and recommend programs. With Quantum, there is no time or space. EXCITING!

To those of you who have a Healy are you using it each day? 
Use it up to 3 hours with the cables and as many hours as you wish with the coil or no cables.  If you haven't added your Tesla Coil to your Healy.. you are missing out..  get one by logging in to your back office.

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  1. Hi there.. When you mentioned in your email to use the Healy up to 3 hours with the cables and as many hours as you wish with the coil or no cables, does this mean that it is more effective with cables? If that isn’t a reason, can you describe the difference please thanks.
  2. Sandra Bolognia  07/20/2022 05:00 PM Central
    HI Gail, Its recommended not to extend 3hours of use with cables.. in general, the healthier you are the more you can use it.. however the body can only take so much information. Remember taking a class and being overwhelmed with information? Keep that in mind for using cables.. Cables are directly connected to your body cells and are best for physical issues. Of ours the frequency goes into your field as well. When not using cables you are sending frequencies quantum meaning you can send them anywhere with your intention. When using the coil, you are sending them vector or scalar wave which creates a field 3 meters on both sides of you if you are wearing the healy, its a stronger field than quantum for you but not like quantum. Keep in mind your intentions are priority that is what directs everything ... I hope that helps ♥️ 😃

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