Healy-a wearable FDA cleared microcurrent frequency device for local relief of acute, chronic and arthritis pain & muscle soreness. Healy also has individualized frequencies to help balance mind & body & relieve stress. Convenient, powerful. Offered by Kathaleen May, Sandra Bolognia, Lindsay Babich, Darlene de la Plata & Jeff and Nancy Kaplan.

Healy--a certified wearable that uses individualized frequencies to help balance mind and body and relieve stress. Electrodes connected to wristbands deliver adjustable microcurrent.

As oilers, we know the importance and power of frequencies. Healy can aid our body, along with our oils in obtaining optimum frequency for health. It's not science fiction…it's science!

Choose the Healy model that is right for you! Up to 140 programs with 144,000 frequencies. Each program has 400 frequencies but you only receive the ones customized for you."Frequency is the interface between information and matter.”

Regularly Gold $474, Holistic $951, Holistic+ $1428, Resonance $2382

During the holiday special you may Purchase Holistic @ $474, Holistic+ @ $951, Resonance@ $1428, plus tx.

Healy provides full lifestyle integration with HealAdvisor, Healy Watch & Digital Nutrition App.  These subscription services help you make the optimum choices daily in Nutrition, Frequencies & Motion.
Frequency medicine is truly the wave of the future.  Our very health and well-being will hinge on the frequency of our cells, organs and our whole body. Healy--New and Unique--Frequencies for Life!  
 The sales are on again until December 7, 2020 6pm eastern time or until they sell out of the 4,000 Healy's left.  They had 8000 in USA and half are gone.. so Shop now..  either select the name of the person who referred you on the menu or click on the red Get Your Healy Button and give us your contact info. We will contact you right away with any questions and take your order.